Why InLigo

Allow you, your users and your organization to more productively focus on your core business.

  • Save money; often huge capital investments and replaces them with small ongoing services fees.
  • Improve reliability and availability.
  • Free up oft over-worked and limited IT support resources.
  • Allow you, your users and your organization to more productively focus on your core business.
  • Asking the right questions.

  • Listening to the business leaders
  • Understanding current challenges and where improvements can be made.
  • Bringing our decades’ long experience to develop the strategy for the best solutions.
  • Educating business leaders on the options they have to make positive improvements.
  • Mapping out a successful implementation plan that covers everything from communications with users, testing, validation, documentation, execution, training and ongoing support.
  • Being a Trusted Advisor that our clients can rely on that focuses on their success.
Customers who partner with us can expect a team of seasoned experts as well as proven practices that allow smooth and economic transition cloud services. Our clients’ references underscore this.

Adopting a cloud model for your organization is a multi-faceted decision-making process. When it comes to guiding customers on the most optimal solution for them, InLigo believes that choice is key as there is a need for public cloud computing, private clouds and traditional on-premises options for enterprises. Our vision is to provide these services to customers on their terms either online or on-premises or in a hybrid environment.

Cloud services are proving to be an overwhelming positive “next step” in the evolution of computing. It represents an industry shift toward a design approach that is neither exclusively software-centric nor browser-centric. By deeply and genuinely combining the best aspects of software with the best aspects of cloud-based services, we can deliver more compelling solutions for our clients.

InLigo’s Mission

Empower businesses to embrace the potential of cloud computing.

InLigo will become a national leader with a team of experts renown for mastering new technologies and innovative ways to incorporate long term IT strategies into our customer’s existing business plan.
All employees have the power to find and use all resources to solve issues promptly. Likewise, customers and associates are given the tools to solve and report service concerns or problems.

We only do the right thing and never the easy thing.
InLigo sets a new standard for business integrity by vesting in its people and in everything they do. We never make decisions based on profit and our reputation is founded on doing what is best for those with whom we do business. We will always choose the right thing over the easy thing.

When it comes to our profession, passion is definitely shared by all InLigo team members. We believe that individual passion is the unique seed to higher knowledge and creativity for our team as well as all our customers.

We continually seek to increase our IT knowledge and relentlessly share that knowledge and experience in order to think up new ideas which will ultimately benefit our customers, partners and employees.

Teamwork is the common basis of all the relationships InLigo builds. We uncompromisingly seek to strengthen and add maximum value to every partnership we form with clients, with alliances and with one another.

InLigo Certifications

  • Microsoft Cloud Computing Services

  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal

  • Enterprise Content Management

  • Document Imaging

  • Business Process Management

  • Data Warehousing

Meet Our Team

Harry Bridger
Harry BridgerPrincipal - EMC Solutions
With 25 years of business consulting experience helping companies and government agencies of all sizes, Harry has designed and implemented successful enterprise information management solutions. Excellent knowledge of applying industry expertise to deliver innovative enterprise software solutions that address key business challenges that company’s face today. In-addition, extensive experience around business processes related to information management and integration of line-of-business applications.

Harry’s core competency encompasses business systems solutions. Specifically cloud computing services, enterprise content management (Exchange, Customer Relationship Management, SharePoint) and unified collaboration services.

Kenneth Bridger
Kenneth BridgerCreative Director
24 years with experience in visual communication, brand imaging, and developing creative products from print to new media in the European market, Kenneth is the trusted advisor for branding business products and services.

As Creative Director, Kenneth provides end users the ability to have a wide array of business tools to communicate and collaborate more efficiently. InLigo offerings are designed to give businesses streamlined communication with high availability, comprehensive security, and simplified IT management. Branding is how InLigo applies an organization’s identity to an existing software application.

Kenneth’s vision is to help clients focus on a branding strategy in order to synchronize all the elements of the brand identity across a line of products or services, which create a unique user-centered experience.

Doug Teague
Doug TeagueCRM Practice Manager
Doug has 19 years of leadership and consulting experience in media, IT services and communications companies where he managed multiple system implementations and new service launches. He has deep experience as a business analyst and administrator of CRM systems supporting requirements and driving enhancement roadmaps for both sales and service stakeholders. He has been working in SaaS environments since 2008, focusing on business process improvement, reporting and data analysis for SMBs. In addition to managing projects related to CRM adoption, he develops and delivers training during implementation and rollout.

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